Sulan HONG

TCM Practitioner
Chief TCM Physician in China
Professor/Tutor for Graduates

Introduction |

Worked at Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its first and third affiliated hospitals.Professor Hong has been engaged in TCM medical work for more than 40 years and closely combined clinical practice with internal medicine theory and surgical theory.  As a result, she is very effective in treating  internal medicine,  TCM surgery, gynaecology ,  paediatrics ,orthopaedics  and other difficult diseases. Other than this, she has been invited to give lectures and consultations in China ,Australia, Japan, Malaysia and New Zealand, and has been well received by domestic and international patients.

Her specialty |

1. Internal and Paediatrics Diseases: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases ; endocrine and metabolic disorders (diabetes and its complications, obesity, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, hyperlipidaemia, gout, etc.) ; digestive system, respiratory system, and urinary system diseases; The treatment of tumors before and after surgery and the period of survival with tumors. infantile common cold ,infantile anorexia  and growth retardation;.

2. Gynaecology Diseases : menstrual disorders, ovarian diseases, infertility and climacteric syndrome.

3. Surgery, orthopaedics and dermatology: breast disease, thyroid disease, phlebitis, arteritis; chronic skin ulcer; eczema, acne, chloasma ; bone and joint diseases.

4. Ophthalmology : Chronic fundus disease(central retinitis, vitreous opacity , fundus bleeding)

5.  Acupuncture , point press to treat pain diseases.

Available |

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday | Northcote branch | (09) 480-9988
Every Thursday, Sunday | New Market branch | (09)523-3008