TCM Practitioner

Postgraduate Tutor
Attending Physician


Rong Tian is a Ph.D. in Shanghai University of TCM, Professor in Chengdu University of TCM, Postgraduate Tutor, and Attending Physician, and studied at Mayo Clinic in the United States, and is Academic Heir of Chinese Medical Master Zhang Zhen, and is a reviewer of projects of National Natural Science Foundation of
China, expert of the Sichuan Expert Review Committee, Sichuan Province Overseas High-level Study Abroad Talents, 5th Batch of Provincial Chinese Medicine Academic and Technical Leaders Reserve Candidates, membership of Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Society of China Association of TCM, membership
of Chinese Nutrition Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. She undertook 8 research projects of Chinese medicine at a different levels, edited and published the monograph “Differentiating Qi in Clinic “, participated in editing 5 textbooks of Chinese Medicine in Chinese or English, and published more than 30 academic papers on clinical and scientific research of Chinese medicine.

Her Specialty |

She has successively studied TCM clinic with Professor Zhang Zhen, a Master of Chinese medicine, and Professor Zhang Shiqing, a famous TCM practitioner in China. Combining with many years of teaching and academic research of TCM diagnostics, she has focused on TCM internal medicine, gynecology, and health preservation. She is good at treating digestive system diseases, sleep disorders, climacteric syndrome, irregular menstruation, infertility, breast diseases, prenatal and postpartum conditioning, andrological diseases, four seasons
health-preserving Chinese herbal paste conditioning, anti-aging Chinese herbal paste conditioning.


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